Pennsylvania Turnpike - Abandoned Roadways and Tunnels

Here are some good websites with photos and information about the two sections of the Turnpike that were abandoned when open-cut 4-lane bypasses were built in the 1960s to eliminate the 2-lane tunnel bottlenecks at Laurel Hill, Ray's Hill, and Sideling Hill.

Several of these websites also have a lot of general information about the Turnpike.

The Historic Pennsylvania Turnpike, by Mike Natale

The Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike, by John A. Barrick

The Michael G. Koerner Historic Pennsylvania Turnpike Site

The Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike, by Jeff Taylor

Breezewood in the Fall... The Abandoned PA Turnpike and Tunnels near Breezewood as seen through the lens of Bernie Newman.

Pennsylvania Turnpike's Abandoned Sections, and Pennsylvania Turnpike, by Pennsylvania Highways

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By Scott M. Kozel, PENNWAYS

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